The Moscow Chamber of Commerce & Visitor’s Center invites graphic design & branding professionals to submit proposals and portfolios to create new ways to visualize the brand identity of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce & Visitor’s Center.
The selected artist, artist team, or design firm will work closely with the Moscow Chamber of Commerce & Visitor’s Center Executive Director, Executive Board, and Marketing Committee to create a logo and branding kit that will complement the existing Visit Moscow branding, (
The successful applicant will demonstrate the ability to create a suite of logos (including primary logo, secondary logo, wordmark, favicon, and reversed out designs), and a branding kit that will update the identity of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce & Visitor’s Center and create visual alignment with the newly established branding of Visit Moscow.
The mission of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce & Visitor’s Center is to strengthen, promote, and lead the business and economic community and support the free enterprise system while preserving and enhancing the quality of life.
The Chamber of Commerce’s slogan is: “The Moscow Chamber means business.” The Moscow Chamber of Commerce & Visitor’s Center provides services that are integral to the community, and to the design and visual identity, including:

Promotion – Referrals of member businesses to people needing goods and services in the Moscow area through telephone contact with staff, e-mail, online, and the Member Business Directory. Event and business promotion through economical advertising in the Visitor Guide, Dining Guide, Relocation Kits and the Events Calendar.

Information – Current Issues of interest to the community tackled by the monthly Membership Luncheons. A unique two-day interactive educational experience through the Annual Legislative Tour, which brings members to Boise during the legislative session to meet with chief elected officials, agency staff, and legislators.

Education – Leadership Moscow works to cultivate leaders in Moscow and Latah County by offering a concentrated, hands-on learning experience to enhance and build leadership qualities. Leadership Moscow works to develop advocates for Moscow and its surrounding rural communities who will serve as a voice for the Moscow and Latah County for generations to come. • Networking – Opportunities to make contacts through Chamber functions such as Membership Luncheons, Business After Hours, the annual Chamber auction, and other events. Introduction to the community through a new member feature in the newsletter and Facebook with the ability to expand contacts and clients through display of company brochures and business cards in the Chamber Visitor Center. Interaction with neighboring communities in North Idaho and Eastern Washington through alliances with chamber and economic development groups.
The brand kit will provide guidance for the Moscow Chamber of Commerce staff and Marketing Committee while creating social media campaigns, marketing collateral and handouts, and future website design. The logo toolkit will be used to illustrate and support Moscow Chamber of Commerce programs, events, activities, and educational series.

The total amount of funding available for the design toolkit is not to exceed $1,500. This budget includes the design fee, meetings, materials, and all other costs by the selected artist, team, or firm for this design toolkit project.

We love to support our local artists, creatives, and Chamber members! Artists, teams, and firms residing in a 200 air-mile radius of Moscow are eligible to apply. Selection panelists and their immediate family members are not eligible to apply.

June 4 – June 18 Application Period
June 21 – June 25 Selection panel review and recommendation
June 28, 2021 Marketing Committee & Chamber Executive Board selection
July 1, 2021 Contract with successful respondent finalized
July 23, 2021 Delivery of brand kit and logo files

1. Letter of Interest (if applying as a team or firm, also provide a list of members, identify the individual that is the project lead, and describe each member’s role in the project)
2. Artist Resume (if applying as a team or firm, provide the project lead’s resume)
3. Three Professional References (if applying as a team or firm, provide project lead’s references)
4. Samples of Past Work
a. Include up to five (5) clearly labeled digital files that demonstrate evidence of artist’s/team’s/firm’s work on projects of a scale and nature similar to the one described in this RFP.
b. Three (3) of the five (5) designs attached must be specifically logo designs, with included narrative answering: 1) the business or entity for which the logo was designed; 2) brief (3-5 sentences) describing the design process to create the logo design; and 3) ways the logo is/was to be used, (whether be via printed marketing collateral, printed on apparel, or used in social media). Feel free to provide additional narrative as necessary.
5. Submission of Materials
a. Save all materials in a Google Drive folder and send the access link to by or before 11:59 p.m. on June 18, 2021.

• Moscow Chamber of Commerce Executive Director
• Moscow Chamber of Commerce Board President

• Moscow Chamber of Commerce Marketing Committee Chair
• 2-3 members of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce Marketing Committee

The Moscow Chamber of Commerce & Visitor’s Center reserves the right to change the dates of the project timeline, to modify this request to include additional information from any or all participating artists, to reopen the request, and/or accept or reject, at any time prior to the commission of any work, any or all design proposals.