Beginning November 1st, 2023, Inland North Waste will be expanding their roll-off rental program, increasing inventory, and providing the greatest variety of box sizes in the area. The decision to further develop this program is in direct response to a stated need in the area from a variety of different sectors and is another instance of Inland North Waste ‘Waiving Back’ to and supporting the greater community.

The box sizes and general uses are as follows:

· 8-, 11-, 15-cubic yards: Perfect for small residential projects, single-room renovations, attic, basement, and garage cleanups, and yardwork.

· 22-cubic yards: Ideal for midsize projects, heavy materials like concrete, and furniture and appliance friendly.

· 30-cubic-yards: Suitable for medium-to-large projects, extensive remodeling, and significant landscaping.

· 45-cubic-yards: The largest available box in the area is reserved for large commercial projects that generate large amounts waste in a short period of time, such as large home renovations and ongoing demolition projects.

Rental rates are calculated by box size, number of days rented, and an hourly charge for hauling (delivery, exchange, and pickup). Due to the increased inventory, Inland North Waste will also be able to accommodate more long-term rental requests which could include consistent service and/or swapping out of boxes at regular intervals.

“Not only are we thrilled to make these necessary and desired services more available to individuals and businesses throughout our extended community, but we are also extremely happy to announce we were able to avoid enacting any reduction in workforce as a result of Latah County’s decision to not renew our collection contract. Engaging in our rental services helps support a locally owned, family-run business and keeps our workers employed, insured, and able to positively contribute to the community in a number of ways,” says Stevie Steely-Johnson, INW’s Business Process Manager.

Call (208) 882-5724 or email for questions regarding scheduling, pricing, and finding the right box to fit your needs. For more general information regarding the roll-off rental program, as well as some creative uses for the containers, go to or follow Inland North Waste on Facebook and Instagram.