The City of Moscow Community Events Division and Farmers Market Commission invites individuals with small, independent and start-up enterprises to participate in the annual Moscow Farmers Market Craft and Food juries. Participants that receive a qualifying score are eligible to become a vendor with the Moscow Farmers Market for the 2023 season.Prospective vendors are encouraged to submit reservation forms for one of three jury dates. Reservations must be submitted by 5 p.m. on the following dates:

  • Feb. 22 for the March 1 jury
  • Feb. 24 for the March 3 jury
  • Mar. 13 for the March 20 jury

All jury materials must be submitted online at Submittable accounts are free and allow businesses to view many City arts and culture opportunities. Physical or email submissions will not be accepted.Juries are open to individuals offering non-agriculturally based items such as crafts, artisan goods, and prepared, packaged, processed and/or ready-to-eat foods. Prospective vendors have the opportunity to set up a six-foot table display as if they were at the Market. All jury participants are required to be the maker and/or producer of the products they sell, and have their business operations based within a 200 air-mile radius of Moscow.For additional details about becoming a vendor with the Moscow Farmers Market, visit                                                                                                                                               ### The Moscow Farmers Market celebrates life on the Palouse by providing the community with the opportunity to buy and sell locally farmed and/or created agricultural products (e.g., crops, meat, cheese, wine, etc.), distinctive handmade goods, artisan pieces, and original-recipe cuisine. This venue is meant to encourage and support sustainable economic, social, and environmental practices.