“Stable Ground” features fiber arts and mixed media paintings by Ariella Schreck and Sonara Sounds. The show opens April 4th and is in the 1912 Center’s Hallway Gallery through the end of May 2023. The public is invited to walk through the exhibit any time the building is open, weekdays and weekends with events. The gallery is open weekdays 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Ariella Schereck Artist Statement: Arriella is a mixed-media fiber artist based out of the Twin Cities. Her series of rugs, Palouse Hills, pays homage to the landscape of the region and memories intertwined within the landscape. This series acts as a reminder of the artist’s wandering youth and freeness to roam. The Color Study series borrows from topographical imagery and plays with monochromatic palettes. Ariella reworks aerial landscapes to reveal and highlight intertwining linework that define this region. Further works from Palouse Hills, and other works, can be found at her website: www. ariellaschreck.com
 Sonara Sounds’ Artist Statement: Sonara uses repetitive line making as part of a meditative art practice where the experience results in thinking, feeling the body, moving in a pattern, and allowing for free flow in every way. Moving the body in this thoughtful, repetitive way has guided the artist in an exploration of healing, physiological response, physical agency, and perseverance in the face of a traumatic physical injury, resulting in chronic invisible illness. These lines become landscapes we map out in our hearts, in our minds, in our gut – soft and harsh. This movement unwinds and unfurls both maker and viewer as the eye touches each line, each intersection, each interaction. These works were made as a part of a restorative effort by the artist to heal from injury and navigate life with a sudden onset of chronic illness.