July 13, 2022 (Moscow, Idaho) — The 2022 Pavement Preservation Asphalt Rubber Chip Seal Project is currently scheduled to begin July 21, 2022 and is expected to be completed July 22, 2022

The Pavement Preservation Asphalt Rubber Chip Seal project consists of applying a Rubber Chip Seal Coat (Type II) followed by a fog seal to multiple roads within the City of Moscow. Rubber Chip seal is an emulsified liquid asphalt that uses recycled tire crumbs in the binder to make chip seals more effective, it is applied to the existing surface which is then covered with aggregate rock called “chip”. This will reduce surface wear and extend the useful life of the roads receiving treatment. As currently planned, the following 9 separate road segments totaling approximately 32,730 square yards (SY) of surface area are scheduled to receive asphalt rubber chip seal:

Road Locations 

Grant St – between D St and 1st St

Lincoln St – between 3rd St and 6th St

Monroe St – between 6th St and 3rd St

Howard St – between 6th St and 3rd St

Polk St – between 6th St to 3rd St

Levick St – between Lauder St and Lathen St

Lenter St –  intersection with Lauder St to the End of Road

Lathen St – between US-95 and Lenter St

B St – between Mt View Rd and Hayes St

N. Cleveland – between Garfield St and F St