This Independency Day, the Moscow Police Department is teaming up with the Idaho Transportation Department’s Office of Highway Safety (OHS) to prevent impaired driving. July 3 through 10, law enforcement agencies across the state will dedicate resources to stop drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol. 

“Impaired driving puts everyone on the road at risk and it is completely preventable. Please make designating a sober ride a top priority when making your plans to enjoy the holiday” said Chief Anthony Dahlinger. 

The Fourth of July travel period comes during the 100 Deadliest Days on Idaho roads – the summer days between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends when there is an increase in fatal crashes. According to OHS preliminary data, 31 people have been killed in crashes in Idaho since Memorial Day weekend this year. 

Tips to promote safe driving this July 4th:

  • Plan Ahead for a Sober Driver: Whether heading to a social event or a night out, always plan for a sober driver. This can be a designated friend, a family member, or even a local taxi service. 
  • Utilize Ride-Sharing Services: While ride-sharing options may be limited in rural areas, exploring available services in nearby town can be a safe alternative to driving yourself. Be aware of areas with poor phone connectivity and plan accordingly. 
  • Host Safe Events: If you’re hosting an event where alcohol is served, consider providing non-alcoholic beverages and arranging for transportation options for guests who may need a sober ride home.

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Story Contact: Anthony Dahlinger, Chief of Police
Phone: (208)-883-7064