Inland North Waste Releases Service Data Amid Widespread Industry TurmoilInland North Waste Releases Service Data Amid Widespread Industry Turmoil

12/5/2022 — Moscow, Idaho

In order to better inform the general public and local decision makers, Inland North Waste (INW) has released a fact sheet outlining the extent of their daily collection services, as well as further statistics on the extent to which rising diesel prices effect their daily operational costs. These statistics are accompanied by information regarding fee increases implemented by leading companies in the Waste Management sector to help them offset the increased cost of fuel, rapidly rising cost of labor, and the plummeting value of post-market recyclables.


“It’s very easy to take trash collection for granted,” says Stevie Steely-Johnson, INW’s CAO, “You put your tote out in the morning, it’s empty by the end of the day, and that’s the extent of it. By releasing this information, we hope to pull back the curtain a bit and show the logistics behind keeping our community clean and pristine.” 


INW is currently contracted to serve about 50,000 residents in the City of Moscow, Latah County, and rural Nez Perce County. About 10,000 residents are served every day across 10 separate routes, with about 2,500 discrete stops per day generating nearly 60 tons of solid waste. The sheer scale of these numbers is difficult to comprehend, so INW has created some handy comparisons to help conceptualize the number of residents, tonnage collected, and physical volume this tonnage represents.


At the same time, the solid waste industry has been hit particularly hard by the current economic climate. While gas prices remain high, labor costs continue to rise, and the value of post-consumer recyclables plummet, Inland North Waste remains committed to doing the right thing by its community. “We have served this community for three generations and are committed to doing so for as long as we possibly can,” Stevie continues, “We cannot simply delay or cancel services due to budget or staffing shortfalls, like a restaurant can close a section to provide some breathing room. The sad reality is that more than a hundred companies such as ours have been bought out by large corporations this year alone.”


Large corporations like Republic Services (the largest waste management company in the US and currently contracted in the Boise area) have offset these losses by passing on the cost to the consumer. This is not an option for INW, as the City Council and County Commissioners are responsible for setting prices under their current contracts. “If we as a community value having a locally owned, community-minded waste management company, something has to change and soon,” says Stevie. “When we first brought these issues to light back in April, we were forecasted to lose over $1.2 million dollars this year due to unforeseen market fluctuations, and we have already exceeded that number.”


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