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Internal Committees

The MCOC+VC internal committees provide direction, actions, and resources to support the success of our Board of Directors as the governing body of our organization. Each internal committee is designed to support the work of our directors in alignment their primary legal duties:

  • Duty of Care
  • Duty of Loyalty
  • Duty of Obedience

Standing Internal Committees

 Executive Finance Committee

The Board of Directors current executive team serves as the executive finance committee. They meet once a month outside of regular board meeting to review monthly financial statements, the Executive Director’s scope of work, and any business-related activities that pertain to the Board of Directors and overall organizational readiness.

The Auction Committee

The Auction Committee is comprised of board members + business supporters who plan and execute our annual Chamber Foundation auction. The annual auction is a fundraiser to support the education + leadership development work of the MCOC+VC.

Ad-Hoc Committees

Nominations Committee

The nominations committee is chaired by one Board Director and 3–4-member business representatives. The Nominations Committee oversees the annual elections process for our Board of Directors.  This committee ensures that every candidate put forth to membership for open voting meets the qualifying criteria outlined in the MCOC+VC bylaws, they identify any potential conflicts of interest, and interviews each candidate for competency and ensuring the pledge of each to serve faithfully if elected as a director. This committee also reviews and nominates the incoming executive committee to serve the Board of Directors.

Policy Committee

This committee is made up of a team of directors who when enacted by the Board of Directors come together to review bylaws, governing board policies, and other operating directives to ensure compliance and identify any outdated standards or challenges that may limit the success of the MCOC+VC.

Other Committees

Other ad-hoc committees as appointed by the MCOC+VC President and Board of Directors