Customer survey released to gather input on engagement in future initiatives and programs.


SPOKANE, Wash. – October 4, 2022:  How would you like to engage with Avista in the future? Avista is conducting a customer survey as part of its Clean Energy Implementation Plan (CEIP) process. The purpose of the survey is to better understand how to equitably engage Avista customers in future Avista initiatives and programs.

Take the Survey by November 4th

The online survey will be live through November 4, 2022. You’ll be asked about your experiences with Avista in the past and how you’d like to be communicated with in the future. All questions are voluntary, and the entire survey should take about 3 minutes to complete.


Request translated or paper copies of the survey by emailing or calling (919) 706-5449.

Input received during the survey of preferences will help in the development of an equitable and standard Public Participation Plan. This Plan will guide Avista staff in planning for and implementing public engagement in future projects and initiatives.

About the Clean Energy Implementation Plan (CEIP):

Avista’s CEIP is a road map of specific actions to be taken over the next four years (2022-2025) to show the progress being made toward clean energy goals. These clean energy goals were established by the Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA), which was passed by the Washington legislature and enacted into law in 2019. CETA requires electric supply to be greenhouse gas neutral by 2030 and 100% renewable or generated from zero-carbon resources by 2045.

Learn more about the CEIP and this engagement process by visiting our website at